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CAKEDUMMY.COM is the highest level name to use in the cake dummy industry.

Typically, a cake dummy is made from Styrofoam to display in bakery windows because they often sit for weeks showing off works of art.

Cake dummies are often spotted at weddings and special events as an alternative to traditional cake. 

The real cake which is in the kitchen is then offered  to the guests. 

When  a cake decorator needs to practice a frosting technique, a cake dummy  is perfect for the job.

 Unlike real cake, the cake dummy is very sturdy  and can easily be frosted again and again without doing any significant damage.

It's also ready at a moment's notice. There's no need to wait an hour to mix the ingredients and cook the cake when all the decorator wants to do is practice writing with frosting or laying out  flowers. was created December of 2004 was created November of 2011. was created June of 2006.


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